Type Of Loans

Direct Capital Investments offers a range of private and commercial asset lending solutions to Australian individuals and businesses.

Access flexible lending solutions with the help of Direct Capital Investments.

Take a look at your loan options below then contact us for more information.

1st mortgage finance

Leverage your existing residential or commercial property to access the funding you require for your next project.

As loan originators, we are connected to a range of private lenders. This allows us to give you fast access to a flexible borrowing option that will help you meet your goals.


2nd mortgage finance

We also help our clients to access 2nd mortgage finance solutions.

Our team is widely experienced in originating these types of loans and will work with you to rapidly find and secure a suitable short term loan.

Short term finance

Need funds quickly but only for a maximum of 3-24 months?

Let Direct Capital Investments identify ways to access the capital you require for your next project.


Bridging finance

Bridging finance makes sense when you are transitioning between properties or assets.

Access the short term loan you need to cover all your expenses while you work through the process of buying and selling.

Private Lending

Need a borrowing solution outside of what is offered by Australia’s major banks and lenders?

Direct Capital Investments is operated by loan origination experts who will connect you with motivated private lenders and help to arrange terms that deliver a win/win outcome for all stakeholders.


Development Site & Construction Loans

A construction loan is the perfect option for those looking to secure a construction or development loan that they can draw-down in stages.

In contrast to a term loan, a First Mortgage Development Site and Construction Loan enables borrowers to draw-down incremental loan amounts, usually in line with key construction stages or settlement of the purchase.

Need funding, fast? Talk to us about a range of private lending solutions.

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