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As a Direct Capital Investment client, you will access fast, flexible private lending solutions and five-star customer service.

Private Lending Solutions For Borrowers

The bank is not the only option to fund your next commercial project.

At Direct Capital Investments, we draw from years of finance industry experience to originate commercial lending solutions that support motivated individuals and businesses.

As loan originators, we work on your behalf, seeking out the most suitable lending options based on your specific timeline, budget and repayment requirements.

Our process involves strict due diligence and clear information so you can be confident you are making the right decision.

Many people see borrowing for major assets as following the traditional 30-year, mortgage payment timeline.

Private lenders can offer a great deal of flexibility outside of that model, giving you the funds you need to complete your next project. However you still need to be guided by a professional in order to ensure you are taking on a loan that works for you.

Direct Capital Investments will help you understand the process to access a private commercial asset loan before connecting you with a lender who can help you to achieve your goals.

We provide all the information you need and are highly motivated to make sure the solution is the best possible fit for all involved.

Our services are fast, flexible and dependable. Skip the endless paperwork and waiting game from the banks by talking to us about your options today.

To access a private lending solution for a commercial opportunity, your first step is to reach out to one of our partners.

We will connect with you to understand your requirements before originating a loan on your behalf.

There will be some paperwork required, which we will explain early in the process. This will also include a valuation of your existing assets.

Once we have what we need, you will receive a Letter of Offer confirming the arrangement you are set to enter into.

All documents are generated from our end with the help of a solicitor, and we recommend you work with your own legal advisor to review your loan agreement before you sign.

We can go from initial contact to you receiving your funds in as little as one week.
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